Inspiring Stories

Our donors have stories to share. Read their stories below:

Towny Ludington, Jr. ’53

Charles T. Ludington, AFS Class of 1915, loved his time in Coconut Grove: “The Adirondacks were wonderful but not unique …. the truly outstanding feature was the winter term at Coconut Grove …

Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson ’38

A 1938 graduate of the Adirondack Florida School, Harry Anderson joined the Board of Trustees in 1946, just as the trustees were wrestling with the logistics of reopening the school after World War II.

Arellano Family

Agustin “Konky” Arellano ’90

It’s no surprise that Agustin “Konky” Arellano ’90 has been leading the charge with RE’s Alumni Board.

Gouraige Family

Ghislain Gouraige, Former Trustee and Parent of Alumni

Twenty years as a Ransom Everglades parent have given Ghislain Gouraige a broad perspective on the school and the unique role that Ransom Everglades plays in Miami.

S Byrne

Stephanie Turkington Byrne ’65

Stephanie Turkington Byrne ’65 studied in Bogota, Madrid, New Jersey and Miami all before she turned 21, yet she believes her years at the Everglades School for Girls provided the strongest foundation for her future.